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Promoting great oral health is one of our biggest responsibilities. In order to get a sparkling, brilliant smile, you need to understand how to properly care for your mouth. At Jason H. Shook, DDS Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, we provide you with a wide range of general dentistry services, which focus on your total oral health. We champion prevention of problems to the teeth and gums, but should some arise, we offer accurate diagnosis and treatment to encourage proper functionality of your mouth. What’s the point in having a great smile if it doesn’t work?

Dr. Jason Shook and his team will help you achieve the best of both worlds – a beautiful smile and a healthy mouth. Whether you’re a long-time patient yourself or you’re introducing your children to the world of dentistry, we’ll teach you the proper way to care for your teeth and gums, including hygiene habits that keep everything looking and feeling healthy.

We’re Always Here for You

Whether it’s your first comprehensive exam or your regular routine cleaning, you’ll always be our top priority. We understand that every patient is unique, and no treatment fits all. The same is true with preventive care. Because we build lasting relationships with our family of patients, we’re able to monitor your oral health and intervene quickly if any problems try to creep in.

No matter what the reason for your visit, we’ll always ensure you’re comfortable and relaxed, and that your concerns are heard and addressed. We work with you to maintain your oral health and formulate a plan to stop decay and disease from becoming an issue.

Invest in your total health, starting with your mouth. Visit us today and give your smile the care it deserves.

We provide comprehensive exams to all our new patients and to our existing patients every three years. Our exams include oral cancer screenings, a full set of x-rays, a periodontal exam, and a hygiene assessment. If any significant changes occur in your oral health between exams, or if you haven’t been seen for a while, we may perform exams more frequently.

Detecting oral cancer as early as possible can make all the difference when it comes to treatment options. We use visual and manual screening methods to search for abnormal tissue on your cheeks, tongue, gums, and other areas of your mouth. Those who use tobacco or alcohol are at a higher risk of developing oral cancer, though anyone can develop the disease.

Our digital and panoramic x-rays allow us to get a really close look at what is going on under the surface while exposing you to 90% less radiation than traditional films. We’re able to share the images easily, and help you identify any problems we see in the high-resolution pictures. These x-rays allow you to make informed choices about your treatment.

A clean mouth is both a happy and healthy mouth. Our professional deep cleanings using Cavitron magnetoscritive scalers remove debris and tartar buildup from the gumline and surface of the teeth. A visit with one of our hygienists will leave your smile bright and vibrant, and you’ll be armed with everything you need to tackle plaque at home and maintain your smile.

If you have any of the symptoms of gum disease such as; swollen, bleeding, or receding gums it may be time for a periodontal checkup. Gum disease is a primary cause of adult tooth loss, so preventing and treating it is extremely vital to maintaining proper oral health. We test with OralDNA to detect bacterial infection in the gum tissue, which we then treat with ARESTIN, an anti-microbial medication. In some cases, we may recommend laser therapy.

Fluoride restores essential minerals to the tooth enamel and is vital for children’s developing teeth. We provide fluoride treatments for children at every visit, and adults who experience sensitivity may benefit from fluoride treatments as needed. Our fluoride is applied in either foam or varnish depending on the patient.

Do you grind your teeth when you sleep? Nighttime grinding, known as bruxism, can cause wear and damage to your teeth. We provide custom-fit nightguards to protect your teeth while you sleep. Is your child participating in sports? Ask us how to keep their teeth safe during activity with personalized mouthguards.

We know emergencies happen and are prepared to see patients the same day. Dr. Shook partners with local schools and colleges to provide emergency care to students when needed. If you are already a member of our family of patients, and you experience an emergency after hours, you can contact Dr. Shook directly. We offer an after-hours phone service for new patients with dental emergencies.

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